Frequently Asked Questions

If you're stumped and need a little help, you're on the right page. You'll probably be able to find the answer to your questions right here. If you have a question that is not listed please feel free to contact us.

What is imgbly?
imgbly.com provides free image hosting services for forums.

How do I install the Image Upload mod?
If you want to add our image hosting service to your forum please install the appropriate Image Upload extension. We are working to support more website engines, so if you do not see yours on that page, check back later.

What is the maximum allowed file size on imgbly?
Images uploaded by both anonymous uploads and free accounts are limited to 50Mb and 20k x 200k pixels. Premium accounts are limited to 99Mb and 20k x 20k pixels.

How many images can I upload simultaneously?
Users are currently restricted to a max of 10000 images per batch. If you need more than that, you can create an account and upload several batches of images into the same gallery.

How many images can I upload in general?
As many as you like! We do not impose strict limits on our users (except restrictions mentioned in our Terms of Service). Some users store and share tens of thousands of images, and we are cool with that. However, disk space and bandwidth are not cheap, so if you use REALLY much of either, and your usage pattern does not allow us to recover our costs (e.g. you do not publish your images embedded into links leading back to our site, thus stripping us of any potential advertising income from them), we reserve the right to contact you and discuss possible ways to satisfy your needs while allowing our project to make ends meet.

What image formats do you support?
At the moment they are .png, .bmp, and .jpg & etc. 

Are the images I upload private? Can I search or view images uploaded by other users?
Only the people with whom you have shared the link to your image can view it. We do not publish uploaded images in a global catalog, and image codes are hard to guess. However, we don't support password protection or similar checks at all, so if you post your image's address on a public web page, anyone who has access to that page will be able to view your image. Also, if you need real privacy for your image collection, imgbly is probably not suited for your needs; consider using other image hosting services that are geared more towards private image storage
I have a problem with a physical product I ordered from you! I want to rent this nice apartment for my vacation! I have decided to boycott the wares you sell due to my political stance against some of the brands you carry!
Sorry, you probably have to contact someone else. A lot of merchants use Imgbly to host images of their products and services, but we are in no way associated with them and cannot help you with questions like these.

How long will images remain on the server?
You can upload unlimited images per post and you will never have to worry about your images being removed due to inactivity.